December 22nd – The Mansion

This is one of the three stories that Thomas S. Monson, someone I look up to, always reads during Christmas time, along with Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" and the second chapter of St. Luke. It's a touching story that reminds us that what matters most is not the things that we get, but the people that … Continue reading December 22nd – The Mansion

December 17th – The Twelve Days of Christmas (Jan Brett)

We obviously all know Christmas carol and counting song that has become a holiday favorite. 🙂 Jan Brett is famous for her beautiful illustrations, and her version of "Twelve Days" not just delivers exquisite images but also, as her website says, "a love story, a family's busy Christmas preparations, 'Merry Christmas' in eleven languages, and a … Continue reading December 17th – The Twelve Days of Christmas (Jan Brett)