Progress is Key

So I’m not going to lie. This week was a little rough on the writing front. What with preparing for the state of the union AND the Super Bowl in the same week, I was pretty swamped 😉

Nah just kidding, but it was fairly tough getting words on the page. My “normal” job had some fairly abnormal, and might I add time consuming, responsibilities that came up that I had to take care of, and my writing suffered because of it.

But as I reflect on my less-than-productive week I’m reminded that it doesn’t matter how fast you get there, but the general direction in which you’re headed. I mean, sure, I would have loved to have rough drafted more chapters, or heck, finished the book 😉 … But as long as I’m moving forward, at least I’m getting there.

Abe Lincoln said, “I am a slow walker, but I never walk back.” And that’s what is important. Coming from the fabled man who failed over and over again before becoming president I think is pretty telling.

JK Rowling first thought up Harry Potter in 1990… and Philosopher’s Stone wasn’t published until 1997 (has it really been that long?).

Point is, as long as you’re, more or less, working your way towards your dreams, eventually you’ll get there. As long as you keep going and stay the course. We only fail when we come to an abrupt halt.

In the end it’s the tortoise who crossed the finish line first, not the hare who stopped to take a nap.

And so, with that being said, although not many words made it to the page this week I can say that I was able to get a fair amount of reading/studying done this week, which ultimately, will help out my writing. And I was also able to work on something for an author colleague of mine, which hopefully will help out his career. Good goes around and around right?

So all in all, not a great week, but still a good one, because baby steps forward is still moving forward… as long as you never step back 🙂

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