First Five Chapter Titles

This week has been very productive. I’m still making my way through the first four chapters and am now rough drafting chapter 5. As such, I thought I’d take a minute and share the rough titles of the chapters so far, to give a little bit of a tease of what happens 😉

Of course, these are working titles, just like the current title of the book (Aztec), meaning that there is about a 99.9% chance that they will be changed before the book hits the shelves. But having these working titles helps me to keep track, at a glance, of what happens in each chapter.


Novel Working Title: Aztec

Chapter 1: A New Home
Chapter 2: The River
Chapter 3: Bluebirds
Chapter 4: The Invite
Chapter 5: Through the Jungle


Photo Credit: Julia Caesar on Unsplash

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